Tooth-Colored Fillings in Allen Park, MI

Address Cavities With Dr. Cannon

When plaque and tartar build up on teeth, bacteria can quickly eat away at the enamel and cause decay. This leads to cavities, small holes in your teeth that can progress to more serious oral health issues. Without treatment, cavities can result in painful infections, tooth loss, and other serious consequences.

To prevent these outcomes, it’s crucial to address the signs of decay as soon as they’re detected. If you end up with a cavity, we can restore the stability and natural appearance of your tooth with a personalized composite filling.

What Is a Composite Filling?

For many years, dentists have used metal amalgam fillings to treat cavities. While these silver or gold restorations are generally effective for restoring teeth, many patients are displeased with their noticeable appearance and the fact that they contain the toxic element mercury.

At Allen Park Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored composite fillings as a natural-looking alternative to traditional metal fillings. Our restorations are created from a durable composite resin that’s customized to match the shade of your tooth, delivering a completely natural appearance. Composite fillings don’t contain mercury or other hazardous components, so you can rest easy knowing that your health is never jeopardized by cavity treatment.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored composite fillings offer several benefits that other options can’t match, including:

  • Natural appearance
  • Lasting, durable results
  • Customized for your restorative needs
  • Bonded directly to your tooth
  • Preserves more of your natural tooth structure
  • Quick and painless application

Placing Your Filling

In many cases, Dr. Cannon can place a composite filling in just one appointment at our Allen Park dental practice. We’ll begin by applying a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and ensure your procedure is completely painless. We’ll remove any decayed tissue from your tooth, sterilizing it in the process and eliminating any risk of infection.

Once your tooth is clean and free of decay, our Dr. Cannon will bond the composite resin directly to your tooth. She’ll craft each filling to match the natural shape of your tooth and mix the composite to seamlessly blend in with your smile. After placement, she’ll cure the resin with a specialized light for a stable and durable restoration. With your composite filling in place, your tooth will look flawless and function at full strength once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Allen Park Dentistry For Tooth-Colored Fillings

Don’t let a cavity cause you pain or have you hiding your smile. With composite tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Cannon can protect your oral health and help keep your smile beautiful for many years to come. Call our Allen Park office at (313) 928-8848 to schedule a consultation and see how easy it is to address tooth decay.

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